Friday, May 28, 2010

Photo Friday Challenge: Arranged

 Murrelets Flying in Formation

They skim  through the air
just above the water,
beaks pointing east toward first light,
arranged just so, a leader,
his three or four loyal lieutenants
jockeying for position and the rest
 of the murrelet troops arrayed behind, 
a surprisingly silent procession.

"Rossano's Mirrored Murrelets" - photo © 2009 Meri Arnett-Kremian. All rights reserved.

In the pastel light, the still pool
reveals a parallel flight, submerged,
bellies exposed, floating
in perfect formation upside-down,
a dark ribbon joining each one
to his double like a bloodless umbilical cord. 


Anonymous said...

this is so cool!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your comment on my site! I took it to the floral arrangement versus an order and the diversity is amazing! See you tomorrow!