Tuesday, July 6, 2010

LensDay Wednesday: Texture

How's this for texture?

"Closed Opening" © 2010 Meri Arnett-Kremian

Venetian brick.
Weathered shutters.
Ancient metal hinges.


Alan Burnett said...

The whole thing is dripping with history - and quite beautiful.

Porch Days said...

This picture is great. So many different colors of brick.

Jemsmom said...

Hi Meri! I thought I would stop by your blog since you so kindly stopped by mine! Your photos are just beautiful! I love the pictures from Venice! Isn't it magnificent there? We have been a few times and you could just take pictures of everything. I will have to post one of my favorites from one trip. We were walking over a bridge at night and there was a cafe along the water and all the umbrellas were different colors and lit up. You make me want to go find that picture now!!! Just gorgeous!