Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Challenge: Palm (and Weather, too)

Blue sky.
Palm trees overhead.

The muffled sound of the waves
shhhhushing as they lap against the soft sand.
The sounds of ice cubes clinking against glass.
The click-click of feet walking in flip-flops.
The rustle of pages turning, one by one,
as books are devoured next to the pool. 

A breeze blowing off the Pacific
cools my skin as the sun bakes it.

A little slice of heaven. 
Especially when it's shared with friends.

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the blue, blue skies we had in Arizona... They only get that blue here in Virginia in October when the humidity is very low.

Love this photo!


Sara Chapman said...

Oh, this is a lovely one. What a great sunny weather photo. I feel better just looking at it.

Julie said...

What an unusual perspective for your contribution. I do like it very much, especially the way you have partially hidden the sun behind the palm and just let the glow escape. Lovely post.

Austin said...

My wife is at the beach right now, glad she's having fun, can't wait for her to get back, thanks for taking me there for a moment, nice TT

Brian Miller said...

i think i fell asleep in the hammock while reading peaceful. excellent write. happy tt!

Prayer Girl said...

What a beautiful picture you painted. I loved this.

My first Theme Thursday is posted.


swputh said...

excellent write... lovely

AngelMay said...

Ummmm.... at the beach. I'd love to be at the beach right now. Nice!

Claudia said...

yes - i can hear it - like i would be right there...

Anonymous said...

Awesome photo and words - makes me wish I was there!

The Thirteenth Crossing said...

The only color my skin bakes under the palm trees is red LOL. Happy TT!

Theme Thursday: Palm