Friday, August 20, 2010

Favorite Photo Friday: From Here to Mandala

I thought that I'd show you
the process behind my mandala "photos."

First, you start with a regular shot.
This one happens to be a close-up
of one tiny piece of a very large installation
of glass by artist Dale Chihuly.

Here are the details on this shot:

I used my Nikon D200 with the 18 - 200 mm lens.

ISO set at 400.   
f/stop was 6.3   
Shutter speed  1/160 second

Focal length was 170 mm
255 mm if compared to 35 mm

I used the center weighted average
 metering mode (in camera)

The flash was disabled.

I didn't alter the shot in Photoshop.
The image above is right out of the camera.

I couldn't help myself.
I just had to play.

1. first I opened the original photo 
 in Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2
(haven't upgraded to the new version).

2. Using one of the drop-down menus,
I created a kaleidoscope effect.
There are all sorts of creative choices in this menu
and I manipulate them while seeing the effect
on screen, so I can't tell you exactly
what the settings were.

Since I can't leave well enough alone,
I opened the kaleidoscope shot
in CameraBag
and turned it into a "polaroid."



Valerie said...

Hey that is really neat! It sounds like a cool program. I'm gonna have to look into that. I like that Kaleidoscope effect - I loved looking thru those things when I was a kid - even now I still love them.

Thanks so much for sharing your photo with us!

bripolo12 said...

I love the kaliedescope look. i will have to see if I have anything similar in any of my photo programs, it takes you back to childhood. I also love the colors in the first shot, they are truely amazing. My goal is always to capture the vibrant colors but I find myself having a hard time with that. Don't know if it is my camera, lens, or just the need to have a longer exposure. I just keep playing, eventually I will find what i am looking for.