Friday, August 27, 2010

Favorite Photo Friday: Joy

Every once in a while,
I get lucky with my camera.

This little girl was the epitome
of joy.

Image details

Nikon D5000 camera, with an 18 -200 mm lens

200 ISO

Aperture f6.3

Shutter Speed 1/100

lens length 130 mm

shot in RAW.

Post processing:

put in a little fill light because it was a tiny bit underexposed.

In Photoshop, used a watercolor filter, then lightened it a bit
using the Exposure sliders on the Image menu.

Open it in Camera Bag and used the Colorcross option
to make the colors a bit more old-fashioned and soft.

Then gave it a bit more "glow" by opening it in Picasa.
choosing the EFFECTS option,
then the Tint menu
and colorizing it with a hint of very pale gold.

Please play along by finding a favorite photo
in your collection,
checking the photo specs to find out your settings
and tell what you might have done in post-processing.
This meme is about learning
and it would be even better
if more people got on the bandwagon.

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1 comment:

turquoise cro said...

SWEET! We will always remember when we were this age!!!although Merry-go-rounds still thrill me! hehe (young at heart!)