Monday, September 20, 2010

Ruby Tuesday: Burano Color

How about a little dose of color from Burano?

There's a pop of red, of course, for

But how about ochre, periwinkle, petunia pink,
some azure and a hit of orange?

Color paradise
against a cloudy sky.


Felisol said...

Color paradise it is.I never saw a similar feast of rainbow inspiration.

chubskulit said...

What a gorgeous costume.

My Ruby Tuesday

eden said...

Great shot.

Happy RT

Johanna S said...

What a splash of colors - beautiful - I like this very very much!
Happy RT !

Alan Burnett said...

Perhaps more than anything else, we take colour for granted. Great photograph.

Manang Kim said...

Oh wow how colorful this is!
The cars

rebecca said...

thanks for your always welcome colorlicious jolt of brilliance!!!