Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sepia Saturday: Revisiting the Past

I don't think I've ever done
a Sepia Saturday using
my own pictures, but here goes.

I see myself as a somber
four-year old and wonder,
"What is that little girl thinking?"

My eyes seem to hold too much knowledge
and wisdom for someone who'd been
such a short time on earth,
this time around at least.

I see myself as a seemingly confident
about-to-be high school senior,
a cheerleader, a school leader,
involved in a multitude of activities,
practicing at love and chomping at the bit
to go to college and have more freedom
(albeit with my parents footing the bill).

Now I look at her, her youthful exuberance
so plainly showing, and I wonder,
"If she knew then what I know now,
would she have made choices differently?"

Would she still believe
in happy endings,
that one man could be 
the love of a lifetime?
Would she have been more cautious
in giving her heart,
less willing to elevate other people's needs
above her own?

There are no do-overs, just start-agains.

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Kat Mortensen said...

Yes, you as a little girl certainly have a serious face, perhaps it was just that day?

I like your "no do-over, just start agains" philosophy.


Jeannie said...

I'm sure we'd all rethink our priorities if we knew then what we know now. But then, where would the world be if we were all jaded and cynical right from the start?

Tattered and Lost said...

It is so hard to look at old photos of oneself without thinking "If only I could warn her. If only I could protect her and save the gleam in her eye."

Lovely photos. I especially love the first one with the adorable pig tails.

deb did it said...

these photos are really adorable, and I adore your personal descriptions. You my friend are wise. I admire the fresh outlook of "start agains" ..we would never want to do THAT all over again, now would we?

Christine H. said...

I think I had a dress just like the one you are wearing in the first photo, where you look so serious. The second photo is just so very beautiful.

Alan Burnett said...

Lovely photographs. And whatever joys and sorrows were around the corner they certainly capture the moment. You're right, there are no do-overs.

Pat transplanted to MN said...

Gorgeous photos, especially the 4 year old! I like that "no do-overs only start agains.." so applicable in life....wonder would we really want to know what lies ahead or only have the wisdom of years to steer ourselves differently back in time??

Martin H. said...

I think the first photograph is wonderful. Your expression suggests a moment of understanding, hearing something for the first time, maybe.

Nancy said...

What a poignant and tender post. I too sometimes look and and wonder what I would have done differently. The only movement is forward, no matter how often we look back.

Nancy said...

It should read "sometimes look back and wonder." I'm a terrible proofreader. And I forgot to say that your photographs are beautiful.