Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rebecca's Virgin

Not to steal her thunder or anything
but I've always loved the iconic figure
I've come to call "Rebecca's Virgin."
Her halo, her reverent eyes,
her hands folded in prayer,
all speak to me.

© 2010 Meri Arnett-Kremian

So I was really excited
when Rebecca led us on a pilgrimage
to see "her" Virgin
and even let us take pictures.

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I love Noelle's Reflections on a Black Madonna.

Then there's Fran's journal page,
Elizabeth's Gray Seduction, and

I'm proud to know such talented,
thoughtful people!

p.s. the link for Share the Joy Thursday
will be posted here
by 5 p.m. pacific time today
if you'd like to play along. 


Noelle Renee said...

Well this is the first time that i have seen her without her cloak and only a halo to cover her. It is quite amazing and does force the eyes to the facial expression, the eyes in particular, and the folded hands. It is a lovely photo. Thak you for the mention.

Anonymous said...

Now I want to hear all about the process Rebecca used to create this virgin--her height, her mediums, and where do I go to see her, to experience her. And thank you for all the links to all of us Virgin-A-Day posters.

Spadoman said...

This is the first time I can remember seeing her. It's wonderful. I am so happy and blessed to know all of you fantastic artists. And thanks for the mention. I keep scrolling iup from the comments section to look at Mary again and again. She is human.


Paula Scott said...

Thank you for sharing Rebecca's Virgin with us! She is remarkable. Yes-I'd like to hear about the process of her creation too!

Meri said...

I think of this as "Rebecca's Virgin," not because Rebecca is the creator but because she loves her so. This virgin, in part or in whole, frequently makes her appearance in Rebecca's postings. She is a creative muse, a beautiful piece of art, a reminder of the everyday sacred. She lives in San Miguel de Allende with her owners, who collect folk art and masks used in ceremony by indigenous peoples.

eb said...

oh! this is DIVINE
Meri - YOU are generous
I like red shoes too...

xox - eb.

rebecca said...

meri...i almost posted a long series of her THIS MORNING!!!
thank you for even placing her in the same "thought" with me. i do love her so.

i love too that you are honoring everyone in this post. to find a JOYFUL virgin for your JOY day!

thanks for being here and lifting my heart.