Friday, January 28, 2011

Sepia Saturday: Egypt

featured in press coverage and on my mind,
I thought I'd present some historical photos

from the Library of Congress
G. Eric and Edith Matson collection.

Dating of these photographs is uncertain,
with dates between 1898 and 1946
all in the range of possiblity.

Strangely, many things haven't changed
all that much in the last 65 years.

Here's a glimpse of more recent Egypt
from my trip to that beautiful, historical land
in 2009.

Along the shore of the Nile, between Aswan and Luxor.

The Sphinx is no longer easily accessible.
There is a walkway around the perimeter
for viewing. To access the area between the paws,
a special permit is required.

The facade of the Temple of Horus at Edfu,
shown in the vintage photograph above from the air.

Along the road between Luxor and Abydos. 

In the villages outside of the Cairo metropolis,
 people live much as their parents 
and grandparents did, except that they have
mobile phones and satellite dishes,
often with generators to power their tv-watching.

Most women in rural areas do their laundry
in the waters of the Nile.

Men fish and farm as they've done for generations.

It's not an easy life 
living in one of the treasure chests of civilization.

May there be a speedy, peaceful resolution
 to the current protests
with no further loss of life or freedoms.


anupama said...

Dear Meri,
Good Morning!
Amazing photos and they speak volumes!I love history and knowing the life style of people.
The horse cart reminded my ride in one in Chennai.
Black and white photos are more beautiful!
Happy Photography!
Wishing you a wonderful day ahead,

Sandy K. said...

This is a very interesting post - thank you. While in Ghana I was wishing we had tacked on a trip to Egypt, a land which has always intrigued me. Your photo journal is so wonderful - thank you for sharing, and yes, prayers for a peaceful resolution to this conflict. Thank you.

Christine H. said...

These are amazing photos. It really makes me want to visit, but not just now.

Karen S. said...

Yes speedy is the word. Beautiful post and amazing photos, all of them! Very lovely if we could just have all the people in get along!

Life Goes On said...

What beatiful photos and country. so much unrest right now.

Pat transplanted to MN said...

interesting; I knew they still had many old ways but the photos brought that back clearly.

Tattered and Lost said...

Two places I always wanted to visit: Egypt and Greece. All those years of art history in art college created a longing to see these sites. I'm envious you went to Egypt. Alas, I'm sure I'll never get to either.

Nancy said...

I have never been to Egypt but there are many things about the country that interest me. Your photographs are beautiful. I, too, hope for a peaceful resolution.

Melissa, Unboxer of Photos said...

Beautiful photos - both old and new.

Alan Burnett said...

A fine mixing of old and new which yet again demonstrates how images can convey not just a sense of change but also one of a lack of change. Colour some of those recent photos of yours sepia and nothing has changed in a hundred years.

Nana Jo said...

I was just talking about Egypt with my parents. They are particularly shaken because they were just there six months ago as part of a trip to the Holyland. I pray for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.

There is something rather reassuring when some things don't change, at least, for me. I love the sense of endurance and strength in your series of photographs.


i love the boat picture and its reflection in the water, amongst others. great post about a great people with a long history. nicely done!!