Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The View Out My Window

The view out the window in my little workspace
is one of the things I love best about my home.
A vine maple has grown to second-story height.

This is how it and its cousin maples look on after a rainy spell
on an early autumn morning.

This morning, a dampish late spring day,
I saw raindrops lined up along the thin branches
like pearls strung into necklaces.

Very often, I have a very special visitor
who flits and hovers and darts up and down.

He's ever-so-charming
and a hyper-drive of activity.

But sometimes he'll kindly perch
and even pose

because he knows it thrills me so.

And if I'm looking out at just the right time,
I'll see the eagle on his way to the pond
for a little fishing.


Amanda ~ Blue LaReve said...

How stunning! What a special moment to capture.

Karen D said...

what great shots and a gorgeous view from your window