Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Theme Thursday: Cemeteries

After the families have finished their rituals,

then and only then,

visit the cemeteries In San Miguel Allende

in honor of Dia de los Muertos.

Bring some marigolds and celosia

to decorate the graves
where no one kept vigil.

And for your loved ones who've passed into the next world,

who've gone home,
create your own ofrenda.

Say prayers for them to the Virgin Mary

to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

to the Virgin of Guadalupe

or to whatever Divine Force you believe in.

And for yourself, for all time,

Dance and love -- like there’s no tomorrow.

Don't spill a single drop of JOY

Drink it all!


Delphyne said...

How beautiful, Meri!

joanne said...

interesting images and great well you honor the dead.... said...

Beautiful images! Love the colors and theme. You captured the prayer warrior just perfect.
Thanks for sharing these.

Unknown said...

Meri, a fabulous send-off for the San Miguel de Allende folks. I assume these photos are from one of your past trips. Are you on this trip, too?

Anonymous said...

I'm not anonymous; I'm your cyberfriend Redondowriter.

Poet Laundry said...

Great photos! What a vibrantly colored place to visit.

Spadoman said...

This post is beautiful. It sparks a strange but good happiness inside. Los Dias is our favorite time of the year. Better than any other holiday for what it does in our hearts and what we get to see in the hearts of others.
I feel terrible that I don't get over here more often. There are so many kind people and you are one of them.


Anonymous said...

Great capture!!

Mrsupole said...

Those are fantastic pictures for this weeks Theme Thursday. It is so wonderful that in some places people celebrate those who have passed on to another place. A very colorful celebration to ward off any bad spirits.

Thanks for sharing these pictures with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. They are beautiful.

God bless.

Lenora said...

oh, i so enjoyed this post!!