Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Virgin a Day: Day One

My dear friend Rebecca hosts a special collaborative event
the first twelve days of December,
culminating with the Feast of the Virgin on December 12.

This year, I'm planning to focus on non-traditional, 
self-created Virgins,
as well as the more sedate, expected (expectant?) ones.

I'll start on the conventional side
and get more challenging from there.

Please visit her site and enjoy all the collaborative posts.


rebecca said...

oh meri i am thrilled to have you join. your art work will have me intrigued more and more with each new offering..
love your day one!

Hettienne said...

Hello Meri, I love the promise that you have made for this pilgrimage and am looking forward to your inspiration and new vision starting with this first bella mater! wonderful

gma said...

This is awesome. Love your idea of creating non traditional Madonnas.

moXieantiques said...

Hi Meri.. what a wonderful idea on non traditionla madonnas... can't wait to see them all!!!!