Wednesday, January 2, 2013

52 Photos Project: Fade Away

The theme for the 52 Photos Project
is "fade away."

So many times, we've become trapped in the prison
of our fears.

We think we can't accomplish something,
that nothing ever works out,
that everyone else has all the luck.

We think idle thoughts that don't serve us,
instead of choosing to be more selective.

Once we become conscious of our thoughts
and how they shape our reality,
influence how we show up in the world
and make an impact,
we can choose differently.

We can catch ourselves thinking
an unhelpful thought,
then release it.
Let it fade away.

And choose to think thoughts
that better serve us.

Good-bye fears.
I'm bringing a better thought life
into sharp focus.


deb did it said...

Wise words Meri....
here's to a life ahead of us with a sharp focus and clear thoughts!!

Bella said...

Very wise words - and I try to practice the same.
What a gorgeous piece you've shared this week. I love it.