Friday, January 20, 2017

Hippies, Peaceniks and Activists

Access to health care is threatened.
Social Security and Medicare are under attack.

Whether or not you voted for Mr. Trump or not,
these issues affect you or someone you love. . . 
a parent or grandparent, 
a college graduate who hasn't found a job.
Someone with a pre-existing condition who will be
uninsurable, like before "Obamacare."
Like someone who's had a catastrophic health crisis
and has incurred equivalent medical costs
so they've max-ed out their lifetime limit. . . 
which the Affordable Care Act did away with.

You may worry about climate change and the obliteration of species
after species and the climate change deniers who are now holding
the reins of power.

You may be adamant about protecting water,
banning GMO's, taxpayer-funded corporate handouts,
the plight of the homeless.
The dismal state of education.
The cost of college tuition.

You may be non-white, or non-straight, or not native born
and worry your rights will be abridged in this climate
of "us vs. them."

All legitimate concerns
given the rhetoric of the alt-right.
The folks that believe that equality is relative
and might makes right.

For everyone gobsmacked by the election outcome -- 
stop spending your energy ranting.

I'm not telling you to get over it,
I'm saying it's time to get on with it.
Staying stuck in fear and grief
immobilizes you at a time
our country is threatened by inaction
in the face of goings-on that threaten your values.

Pick an issue, educate yourself
 on what actions have positive impact,
 find and mobilize allies,
 and get to work. 

That's how we become the change
 we want to see in the world. 

Yes we can!

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