Saturday, January 21, 2017

Recipe for Creating Change

I'm supporting the Women's March for Change
in D.C. and cities around the country.
I think it makes the good old boys nervous
to see women who are angry
and saying no to power.

But marching isn't enough.
It may have put pressure on the US government
to end the war in Southeast Asia
decades ago
(that, plus the fact that by the mid-sixties
almost everyone in the country had a television set
tuned to the nightly news
showing reporters embedded with troops
and presenting a less rosy picture
than the official government blather).

Times have changed
in the intervening decades.
 Spending a day marching isn't enough.

The sophistication of Tea Party tactics
must be co-opted and used to promote
a different, inclusive agenda.
One that says
we won't put up with policies
that promote the 1%
and leave the rest of us adrift.

What we need is targeted,
effective action.

Lots of it.
Day in and day out.
Not for four years
or eight years,
but until those of us who marched
in the 60s
are all dead and buried.

Educate yourself on what works now.
Find allies.
Work hard,
but don't forget to dance
and laugh and play.
You need to recharge your batteries
so you don't lose power.

And remember to follow this
recipe for creating change.

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