Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Best is Yet to Come

This phrase
"The Best is Yet to Come"
generally matches my optimistic nature.

Even when some event in my life
stuns me or chaos beckons,
it's comforting to think
that there's some great good
waiting just over the horizon,
if only I keep moving forward.

With some of the things happening in 
our Nation's capital,
like the de-funding of Planned Parenthood
even though no federal funds
are used for abortions and haven't been
for quite some time,
the effort to repeal Obamacare --
a law that's been highly successful
in many dimensions
even though I personally don't think
it went far enough --
without providing an alternative plan,
and documented election interference
from a government
that holds ill will towards our country. . . 

I'm not sure I can muster up
any optimism at all,
at least as far as the next four years.

And then there are the tweets 
from a thin-skinned child-man
 who seemingly has no filter
and says the first thing that pops into his mind,
no matter how inflammatory
and detrimental to national interest
or civil discourse.

There are acts of hate and intolerance 
which some feel entitled to inflict
because the President-elect
has stirred up a hornet's nest
of intolerance.  

What it's easy to feel
is profound anxiety
and sadness.

It's easy for a gentle soul to wonder,
"Has the country of my birth gone mad?"

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