Haiku My Heart - Lavender

spires rising up
hypnotic fragrance abounds
a bee cathedral


What a cathedral! Lovely, lovely, lovely!
Mark said…
If all this beauty is close to where you live, you are blessed indeed.
J C said…
Love this Meri. Happy to see you again. We always seem to return to Rebecca, dont we?
Lea said…
I am filled with the beauty of this sacred place on all the earth and also with your words! It is lovely to see you Meri! Thank you!
Jutta.K. said…
Indeed, your words a perfect to this photo.
Lavendel is the best for bees !
Beautiful! Have a grand weekend!
Marit said…
Fields of lavender always makes me think back of the holidays in my childhood - going to France with my parents. The sight, the smell, the haiku... just lovely!!!
rebecca said…
my kind of spiritual healing!

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