Thursday, June 17, 2010

Photo Theme Thursday: Urban

I love city skylines.
Especially at night,
when lights dance and lighted windows
give the impression that the city never sleeps.

So the first thing I did
when my friend and I arrived
at our Manhattan hotel room
on about the 32nd floor was
throw back the light-blocking curtains
to enjoy the view.

"Which bed do you want?" I asked,
still looking out the floor to ceiling windows
at the glitter and twinkle.
"I'll take this one," she said from across the room.
I turned to see her nearly imprinted in the hotel-room wall.
"Did I mention I'm afraid of heights?" she inquired.

I didn't know that about you.

I took the bed next to the window.

  Luckily she was fine on the top level
of a double-decker tour bus.

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