Thursday, October 7, 2010

Theme Thursday: Game

Nothing like a two or three-guy game of football

or soccer, depending on your nationality.

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Lenora said...

This is a great photo - have seen this in action in so many alleys or streets - this reminds me of 1985! Football, soccer, its a great game - just came from watching my son play!

Anonymous said...

this reminds me of a time when i got hit by the ball in the face XD~ great words!=P

washi said...

love this pic :)

Meri said...

Lenora: My oldest son played soccer when he was a little guy. . . but he didn't like being in the middle of a kicking frenzy. Much preferred digging in the dirt with sticks along the sidelines.

riikainfinityy: ouch!

Washi: Next time, I'd do rapid fire sequence shots to get more of the action.

x said...

Great action shot. Seeing kids play is refreshing, as opposed to inside on the video games.

Gladys said...

Great pic. I love watching kids play.

tony said...

You Photo Shows The Intense Excitement Of Youth.
All those Adult Professional seen on TV are only trying to recreate that childhood Thrill.....& losing miserably!!!

Prayer Girl said...

My son played soccer as a kid. He loved it and I loved sitting on the grass watching practices.

Nice Theme Thursday.