Wednesday, May 18, 2011

52 Photos Project: Light Rays

Light --

the magic ingredient in photos.

Illuminating light rays.
Magic circles of light.

Making everything we see visible.


Mandy said...

Lovely light! I am in awe of the hummingbird photo. Truly magical!

Bella said...

Just beautiful ~ each photo is light.

deb did it said...

WOW! Lotsa light in your shady PNW!! That adorable little tot in the sunlight is precious!

Silver Sisters said...

gorgeous! I am so captivated by your statue photo.

Lis said...

hummingbird magic! i love that little fellow!

xo Lis

Jenn said...

Very nice photos!! Love the statue pic and seeing those palms make me want to relax in some tropical paradise!!