Monday, December 17, 2012

My World Monday: Newtown

My heart aches for the families
who lost their hearts
their bright lights
their hope for the future
their shining ones
in Newtown.

My heart aches for the children
in Newtown and elsewhere
that were robbed too young
of their innocence
of their trust that the world
is a safe place

that school is a place
for learning and friends
and buzz about Christmas.

I feel so impotent.
Yes, I signed the e-card for Newton,
but words are like dust 
at a time like this.

Nothing that can assuage the grief of those
who have had lives torn to shreds
by the evil actions of one who chose
to cast such a long shadow 
of hate and rage.

I dealt with the assault on my compassionate heart,
my mother love and instincts to protect,
 to make things right,
in the only way I could under circumstances
where no one has the power to make things right.

I created. All weekend.
Chose to minimize my exposure
to the horror,
because -- unlike the citizens of Newton --
I have the luxury of doing that.

Art heals.

Not all at once.

Not quickly enough.

But it helps mend the broken pieces
bit by bit.


Mike Burnett said...

I like the collage, but given the subject of your poem it is difficult to comment. Words somehow seem hollow and wanting at a time like this.

The Dunblane School massacre in the mid 1990s led to the outlawing of hand-guns (pistol and revolvers) including in shooting clubs. Gun-club members squealed a little but the vast majority of the people were all in favour. This massacre involved assault weapons, far more damaging than a pistol. Do your think your politicians will do anything about gun control or will they bottle out to the gun-lobby and the survivalists?

Delphyne said...

Very sensitive post, Meri, about such a horrific event.