Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Follow Your Heart

As for
"Just Give Me Time and I'll Get Over You,"
yes, and no.
Getting over someone who blew your little heart to bits
isn't just a matter of time,
it's a matter of forgiveness.
Not because he or she deserves it,
but because you do.
And you deserve to forgive yourself, too.
For loving someone that cheated,
or took advantage,
or walked away.
Consider it exercising your heart muscles
and find someone who deserves the love
you have to give abundantly.

As for 
"Follow Your Heart,"
well. . . .
that should go without saying.
Use your brain, your powers of thought,
to figure out how to move yourself
to where your heart beckons.

I have a special mug
with the phrase "Listen to your heart"
written on the inside lip,
so I see it when I sip my morning cuppa chai.
It's a replacement mug,
as someone accidentally broke the first.
It was out of production when that happened
and it took me a year of scouring the web
and discovering a couple of shady vendors on Amazon market
(who Amazon has since dealt with)
and continuing to persevere in spite of that
and finally,
I found an online vendor not too far from home
that brought this ceramic chalice to my door.
I guess you might say
I followed my heart to the "oh, I missed you" mug.

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