Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Day After the Women's March

The Women's March in Seattle.

January 21, 2017.

On a beautiful January day in the Puget Sound region.

People inspired to work for change 
on issues near and dear to their hearts.

People willing to be the change
they want to see in the world.

People who believe in compassion, inclusion, stewardship of the earth, that black lives have often not mattered as much as they should in this society, that health care access and affordable care
are essential in modern society, that different doesn't mean diminished value, that love between two adult people should be honored and their marriage legal even if they aren't a traditional heterosexual couple, that diversity strengthens our country
because it offers new perspectives and ideas.

No every marcher subscribed to every opinion expressed.
But there was room in the protest tent for expression,
honoring the person even if not agreeing with the message.

Seattle's a city that somehow encourages expression 
and giving new ideas sturdy legs.

And when women come together to plan a demonstration,
it's most likely to unfold without violence,
with no arrests, just as yesterday did.

Above all, I hope it's a city
where demonstrators understand that
this is just a beginning.

Pick an issue.
Get to work.

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